What they are saying:
  1. Leisa Peterson
    Deanna is a kind-hearted and skillful practitioner...
    who helps people discover and then let go of habitual thoughts, emotions and energy patterns that limit your consciousness. By holding a warm and loving space for you to do your healing, Deanna helps you to open the door to living with greater freedom and joy.
  2. Kat WB
    I am moving forward in life with more ease, grace and abundance!
    Working with Deanna has been such a superb experience! She immediately helps you to feel comfortable and creates a safe space for you to be yourself and share your inner most issues that you would like to heal. She assimilates what you need quickly and finds the perfect words to mirror how you are feeling. I feel I have done some powerful work with her, and would recommend her to anybody! I look forward to continuing to work with her and know that I am moving forward in life with more ease, grace and abundance! Thank you Deanna! :)
  3. D.S., Brooklyn, NY
    Working with Deanna has been a great gift.
    With her laser-sharp insight, deep sensitivity and compassion, and genuine wisdom -- and her breadth of tools and learning from EFT to matrix re-imprinting and more-- she's helped me immeasurably delve deep and move forward through emotional pain and complex issues in ways that are truly emancipating. At a moment of darkness, I found Deanna and discovered not only a brilliant guide, but someone to help me patiently evolve toward my best self. I had tried therapy but it doesn't hold a candle to the results from working with a deeply intuitive interlocutor who understands and helps clear decades of baggage -- with techniques that work directly to confront the harsh reality of our emotional states. And Deanna's particular combination of humanity, perspicacity and intelligence for this pioneering work are, I think, truly rare. My life is a 100x better for it, and I thank her with all my heart.