Raise Your Financial Ceiling - Higher!

Money flows to me easily.

I am open to the best things in life.

I receive money with love & gratitude.

There’s more than enough for everyone.

It’s okay for me to have more than I need.

It’s safe, fun and easy to make lots of money.

I can make all the money I need doing work I love.


Affirmations do work! They do, as long as a tail ender doesn’t thwart your hard work to change!  “Tail enders” are those tiny comments or feelings that end your positive thought, much like what you say under your breath after the affirmation. For example, “Money flows easily to me--and then the “tail ender”--yeah right! Learn to affirm the positive without the “tail ender”.

The unconscious mind holds many beliefs--even some that may keep you from your goals. You may or may not know that your unconscious mind is there to protect you, regardless of your conscious desires. You will only acquire what your unconscious believes is okay for you to have.  Your life is literally driven by what your unconscious mind believes to be true.

Have some FUN and join us in this Two-Hour Workshop that will help you clarify why you are struggling to have the finances you desire. Learn techniques that will change the unconscious beliefs that sabotage your desire to have what you want.
Wednesday, June 19th 6-8 PM
AWAKE N Center, 1055 Moana Lane #202, Reno, NV 89509, turn into the driveway just past the Allstate sign (just West of Lakeside)

Questions:  Call or text Deanna @ 775.771.8815 or Jane @ 775.786.8586

Cost: $25 - Pay ahead via the link below. Drop in's are also welcome. 

Your hosts, Deanna Lyons and Jane Rubinstein are both EFT Practitioners, certified in Matrix Reimprinting, and Certified Hypnotherapists.
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